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CCME Commentary

Welcome to the CCME commentary series. These commentary pieces are written by Dr. Laurence Ashworth, Senior Network Associate for the Council for Chief Marketing Executives.

An introduction to the series from Laurence:
First, I’d just like to provide you with a quick overview of how I plan to proceed with these commentaries. I plan on doing two broad types of commentary: fundamentals and analysis. Fundamentals will discuss one or two key points about some fundamental marketing topic, such as segmentation, promotion, etc. For the Analysis topics, I’ll provide my thoughts about a specific current marketing issue, such as an organization’s new promotional campaign, a trending topic, etc. I’ll try to provide a balance of Fundamental and Analysis topics. However, if there is any particular issue or point you’d like me to comment on, please do not hesitate to ask.

CCME Brochure

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