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June 1–2, 2017

Toronto, Ontario


November 9–10, 2016

Calgary, AB
Theme: How to Win Friends and Influence People: Finding the Right Influencers and How Best to Use Them

June 2–3, 2016

Toronto, Ontario
Theme: The Digital Disruption: Your Marketing Strategy in the New Digital Reality


November 12–13, 2015

Theme: The Ultimate Customer Experience: How to Deliver Experiences and Create Relationships that Keep Customers Coming Back for More

June 4–5, 2015

Halifax, NS
Theme: Are You Being Ignored?: Developing Content Marketing That Cannot Be Overlooked


November 6–7, 2014

Montreal, QC
Theme: Out of Control: Understanding the Power and the Pitfalls of Social Media and How this is Relevant for Marketing Executives

June 5–6, 2014

Vancouver, BC
Theme: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown—What Brands Mean and the Art of Creating Strong Ones

February 19–20, 2014

Toronto, ON
Theme: Are you Playing Russian Roulette with your Marketing? Harnessing the Power of Evidence to Make Better Marketing Decisions


April 25–26, 2013

Hilton Lac Leamy, Gatineau, QC


September 27–28, 2012

The Waterside Inn, Toronto

May 10–11, 2012

Manoir Hovey, North Hatley, QC


October 13–14, 2011

Muskoka, ON

May 12–13, 2011

Banff, AB


September 23–24, 2010

Halifax, NS

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