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Corporate Social Responsibility Service Reports

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Sustainability Practices 2015 Dashboard

The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard analyzes the most recent disclosure of environmental and social practices by public companies around the world.

Report | 24 pages | March 2015 | Thomas Singer, Matteo Tonello | The Conference Board, Inc.

Corporate Sustainability and Long-Term Thinking in the Board Room

In today’s business world, attention to Corporate Sustainability is crucial. Increasing expectations from customers, employees, investors and regulators mean organizations without a sustainable strategy are at great risk. So, how can you ensure executive and board-level buy in? Don't miss this chance to hear from the experts on Sustainability and the Boardroom. Get insight from the Global Chairman of Unilever Michael Treschow, the Chair of CSR Committee at PVH Corp. Rita M. Rodriguez, Managing Director and Global COO of BlackRock’s Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment team Chad Spitler, and Facilitator for the Global Compact Board Programme, Helle Bank Jorgensen. Unilever is known globally for its successful Sustainable Living Plan and its many brands and products will on any given day, be used by two billion people to look good, feel good and get more out of life. PVH Corp. is one of the largest global apparel companies with a diversified portfolio, including iconic lifestyle brands led by Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. BlackRock is the World’s largest asset manager; investing on behalf of millions of clients of all sizes, BlackRock embraces a strong commitment both to transparency in financial markets and to sound corporate governance. The Global Compact Board Programme is a first of its kind program to support Boards of Directors to effectively oversee and help drive their company’s sustainability strategy, with a view to protect and support financial value creation.

Recorded Webinar | February 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Demonstrating Value to Measure Impact in Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often struggle with impact measurement. Should the measurements be defined based on the needs of the organization, or what they think (or are told) their funders want? With recent developments in mobile and cloud computing technology, there is huge potential to support and enable the better collection and sharing of data that can help everyone understand, scale and replicate solutions that show the most promise in addressing the key social and environmental challenges of our age. But what are the best solutions, and how can they be applied to specific organizations? Join us to hear about the “Demonstrating Value Initiative”, a management solution that enables non-profit organizations to use information and data more effectively to run their organizations, plan for the future, and show value to the community. It combines performance monitoring with social impact evaluation in a compact and powerful communication tool.

Recorded Webinar | February 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Framing Social Measurement Impact: STRATEGIC OVERVIEW

In an age of strategic philanthropy, sophisticated social impact measurement can help you capitalize on business opportunities.

Report | 8 pages | February 2015 | Alexander Parkinson | The Conference Board, Inc.

Framing Social Impact Measurement: CHRO Implications

For human resources professionals, impact often comes in the form of social outcomes, talent development, and business value. Measuring these effectively could mean more successful employee engagement.

Report | 8 pages | January 2015 | Alexander Parkinson | The Conference Board, Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit 2014: Delivering Meaningful Impact

Delegates will hear from an outstanding lineup of Canadian experts who will discuss the future of CSR in Canada and to showcase exceptional CSR practices to realize positive social change and create a better future for our people and communities! The Summit will provide an opportunity for participants to learn, explore and discuss best practice strategies that can be adopted by firms of all sizes to help businesses implement corporate sustainability strategies and programs that successfully impact customers, employees, communities, the environment, and bottom line. It has been designed to provide ample time for making new contacts, meeting with the experts, engaging in meaningful conversations, and connecting the key players to build strategic partnerships.

Conference e-Proceedings | January 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Social License to Operate: Living on the Edge

CSR is quickly gaining traction in the market place, which means that a large number of businesses and organizations are playing catch-up. As a result, there are numerous examples of companies losing their license, as well as some great examples of what it can look like when CSR is done right. Losing a license seems easy, gaining it back may seem overwhelming, but through the analysis of specific examples this webinar highlights some tricks of the trade, and rules to live by. There is no single definition of what a social license to operate really is. It's interesting and a little frustrating because it's so often talked about, yet it seems to be a term that floats around without a real anchor. This recorded webinar attempts to clarify the dilemma, and highlight some of the key stakeholders involved.

Recorded Webinar | January 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Navigating the Sustainability Transformation

This report describes a four-stage model for companies to progress from engaging initially with sustainability to accelerating, leading, and, ultimately, transforming their businesses.

Report | 16 pages | January 2015 | Gib Hedstrom | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Water Imperative: New Standards in Corporate Water Leadership

We shouldn't take water for granted. Too much, too little or poor quality—water security is a global issue. Leading corporations anticipate the impacts of climate change and global population growth and take steps to address their water footprint for future social and financial prosperity. They see water as a strategic business issue. Forward thinking companies that recognize their profitability depends on a water supply that meets all stakeholder needs are becoming authentic water stewards. This recorded webinar explores new standards in corporate water leadership.

Recorded Webinar | December 2014 | Coro Strandberg, Strandberg Consulting | The Conference Board of Canada

Framing Social Impact Measurement

Measuring true social impact means moving beyond counting donations and the people reached, to a deeper approach that shows long-term changes. This report helps explain what that means.

Report | 45 pages | November 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

World-Changing Customers: Winning the Sustainability Game with Customer Engagement

As interest in sustainable lifestyles and business practices increases, forward-thinking companies find ways to help customers improve their social and environmental impacts. Whether driven by innovation, market share or risk management, increasingly companies are enabling greener, healthier and more sustainable lives and businesses. This 60 minute recorded webinar looks at how companies can win and change the world through customer engagement.

Recorded Webinar | September 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Given India's global influence, there is much potential for its vision of mandatory CSR, which anticipates CSR as a central component of corporate activity, to spread to the rest of the world.

Report | 16 pages | August 2014 | Afra Afsharipour, Shruti Rana | The Conference Board, Inc.

IKEA's Transformational Journey

This recorded webinar looks at IKEA's transformational journey. Join Coro Strandberg, CSR and sustainability strategist and thought leader, to learn about the emergence of the transformational company and how it forges a new path to a sustainable future – and commercial success. Hear about the qualities that define this new corporate ethic and how companies can make it work for them – and the greater good.

Recorded Webinar | June 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Corporate Social Responsibility: Choosing the Right Strategy

This 60 minute recorded webinar, delivered by John Crean, focuses on a broad spectrum of issues and topics that are relevant to today’s corporate landscape.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Innovation for Sustainability: A Key Business Success Factor

According to Andrew Winston, bestselling author and globally recognized business strategist, the way companies currently operate will not allow them to keep up with the current and future rate of change. They need to make the big pivot. This 60 minute recorded webinar lets you hear from one of the leading experts on sustainable business.

Recorded Webinar | March 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Sustainability and the Corporate Finance Department: The CFO’s Emerging Role as Sustainability Leader

This recorded webinar with Coro Strandberg, CSR and sustainability thought leader, explores the emerging role of the Chief Financial Officer. Coro explains why the modern risk landscape makes sustainability management an imperative for firms. She discusses the increasing role of finance and the associated drivers and trends. And she outlines the many ways in which CFOS incorporate sustainability into their roles.

Recorded Webinar | February 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Sustainability Matters 2014: How Sustainability Can Enhance Corporate Reputation

The 2014 edition of Sustainability Matters explores the increasingly important link between sustainability, brand, and reputation, and it offers guidance on how to create long-term brand value with sustainability initiatives that are chosen not merely for their reputational implications, but also for their strategic relevance.

Report | 73 pages | February 2014 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Community Impact: From Incremental to Transformational Community Investment

Do you want to move your corporate community investment program from creating incremental progress to being transformational? This webinar explores how companies can leverage their community investments so they can be transformational for their organization and its stakeholders.

Recorded Webinar | January 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Corporate-Aboriginal Relations: Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

The Conference Board of Canada's Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations and Business Council for Sustainability presents a webinar with Julie Abouchar, Partner - Certified Environmental Law Specialist and Katherine Koostachin, Associate, both with Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers, LLP that explores the subject of partnerships between the private sector and Aboriginal organizations.

Recorded Webinar | December 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

Social Sustainability Leadership: A Transformational Approach

This special one hour webinar with Coro Strandberg, sustainability expert and thought leader, explores how you can join the corporate leadership movement to transformational social sustainability. The webinar will help you advance your corporate social sustainability program beyond philanthropy.

Recorded Webinar | October 2013 | The Conference Board of Canada

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