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For almost fifty years, The Conference Board of Canada has provided senior decision makers from public and private-sector organizations with opportunities to share ideas on operations and strategies, learn about next and best practices, and explore practical business solutions to the challenges faced by Canadian business leaders.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR) Summit 2016

March 22–23, 2016 in Toronto ON
As consumers and employees alike are becoming increasingly concerned with where they work or spend their money, the notion of all-encompassing sustainability is becoming the norm rather than an aspiration for business in Canada and around the world. While many businesses are fulfilling parts of the model, few are truly embedding sustainability in the business model and responding to the needs and expectations of all stakeholder groups.

The Conference Board of Canada is hosting this major two-day event to provide corporate responsibility professionals with the information and insights they need to improve their programs, deliver meaningful impact to communities, and enhance the triple bottom line.


To be determined.

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