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Governance, Compliance and Risk

The Conference Board of Canada conducts a wide-range of services and research in support of organizations across Canada in the governance, compliance and risk (GCR) space. Our approach focuses on understanding the structural and regulatory context for GCR with a deep understanding of the human dimensions of effectiveness in this space. We know that the roots of effective governance, strong cultures of ethics and compliance and effective risk management reside with individual actions, expectations and behaviours.

Governance for us involves the actions, decisions and behaviours of the board, but also the interactions of the board with senior executives, stakeholders and shareholders. Our focus is on supporting boards of directors to navigate the increasingly complicated set of roles and responsibilities they have to help them focus on the areas where they will have the most impact and drive successful and long-term performance.

A key support for governance lies in the organizations approach to compliance. Compliance with internal and external laws, policies, procedures and regulations is the baseline expectation for successful organizations. Today organizational leaders know they must not only comply with the rules, they must instill within their organization a culture of integrity and support this culture through the creation of avenues of disclosure and discussion so that questions are raised before ethics breaches occur.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has risen in the past ten years to become one of the most pressing issues for corporations today. An organization’s ability to identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report risks has become business crucial—being able to effectively and cost-efficiently develop ERM systems and process has become a challenge for ERM professionals. The Conference Board explores ways to better predict and manage risks by leveraging people, processes, and technology so that organizations may effectively operate and remain competitive in the Canadian market.

The Conference Board of Canada fosters thought leadership in the GCR space through:

Featured Report

Image of briefing coverCanadian Directors’ Compensation Practices: 21st Edition
(March 4, 2016 | 60 pages | Monica Haberl)
This report, which summarizes data from 247 publicly traded companies, is an update of the report published in 2014 on the compensation levels of Canadian boards of directors. The report provides benchmark data on compensation practices, and it reviews typical board composition and practices. 

Upcoming Events


Cybersecurity Governance: Mitigating an Increasing Threat
Presented by David Mohajer
June 29, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

The Directors College

The Directors College is a joint venture between The Conference Board of Canada and the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. The Directors College provides Canada's original—and only—university accredited directors’ education program in Canada. The experience with The Directors College is unique. The programs recognize both sides of directorship—the “technical and structural” (rules-based) side and the “cultural” (principle-based and behavioural) side. This raises the bar for professional standards and the dynamic relationship between corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. We recognize the importance of having prepared and insightful directors who have the courage to ask important questions and the ability to collaborate in the boardroom.

Chartered Director Program

The signature program is delivered in five modules with a variety of engaging lectures, interactive working sessions, and case studies. The program is residential, maximizing your opportunities to network and learn among peers.

Audit Committee Certified Program

This specialized program enables you to perform effectively on board audit committees. The program is taught in two sequential parts.

HR and Compensation Committee Certified Program

This specialized program is an exceptional opportunity to learn how the board’s HR and compensation committee aligns HR processes, risk, and culture to an organization’s business strategy.

Take Your Seat

The new Take Your Seat series developed with Janice Detta Colli of Board Flight Paths will prepare you for your Board Career. This continuing education series was designed specifically for The Directors College—built to offer you a set of professional “how to’s” and to provide you with the tools you need to take your seat at the boardroom table!

The complete series includes:

  • Webinar—Top Ways Boards and CEO’s can Improve Recruiting for New Board Members
  • Workshop 1—Writing a Board Resume
  • Workshop 2—Building your Board Brand
  • Workshop 3—Networking for a Board Role

Stewardship Review

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Risk Watch

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