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The Conference Board of Canada presents the
Future Skills Centre Regional Soundings Tour

The Conference Board of Canada—in partnership with Blueprint-ADE and Ryerson University—is organizing the Future Skills Centre’s first strategic roundtable sessions: The Regional Soundings Tour. We are seeking input from stakeholders in each region of Canada to learn about how to best meet the diverse future skills needs and how best to structure our operations across Canada to ensure responsiveness to regional priorities.

Working with our partners, we are excited to facilitate and engage in a pan-Canadian exchange of ideas, research, and best practices in skills development. Each stop on the Tour will begin with an evening event that will include a talk from a regional thought leader followed by a networking reception.

The full-day, invite-only event to follow will kick off with a morning plenary, with moderated dialogues to follow. The priority areas include:
  • The skills gap needs in the region
  • Existing activities underway, and the research activities and/or tool development that could best respond to the skills gap needs
  • The communication channels and methods that should be used to relay the outputs of research activities and/or tool development to communities in a way that will maximize impact
  • Ideas pertaining to evaluation methods to best track and monitor the outcomes and impact of these activities


June 13-14, 2019

University of Calgary



June 20-21, 2019

Halifax Convention Centre




The Future Skills Centre (FSC) will help Canadians prepare for, transition and adapt to new jobs and a changing labour market. Funded by the Government of Canada's Future Skills Program , the Future Skills Centre is a partnership between Ryerson University, Conference Board of Canada and Blueprint ADE.

As part of our commitment to the FSC, the Conference Board will conduct research on future skills needs, lead knowledge mobilization and convening activities, and help to facilitate the exchange of ideas through the development of a pan-Canadian stakeholder network.

Five Key Reasons to Participate
  • You will be joining a pan-Canadian stakeholder network focused on the Future of Work
  • Your input will help us select and fund the right projects
  • You can help us engage urban, rural and remote communities for a better economic future
  • Be in the know as we disseminate knowledge and engage the workforce
  • Take part in the creation of a Labour Market Data Platform
Who Should Participate?

Anyone who has an interest in the future of work in Canada. This includes:

  • Youth and adult learners
  • Educators and trainers
  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Non-profits
  • Indigenous
  • Immigrant serving organizations