The Conference Board of Canada is the go-to source for facts on workplace inclusion in Canada. We take an empirical approach to helping organizations identify and solve key challenges. Our work helps leaders go beyond good intentions and stimulate experimentation, testing, and investments to make workplaces—and Canada—more inclusive.

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Recent Reports

Making Employment Practices More Accessible

Despite emerging accessible workplaces, people with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed…

Webinar —56m 32s

The Business Case for Supplier Diversity

Many women- and minority-owned businesses have difficulty accessing supply chains.

Report—34 pages

The Business Case to Build Physically Accessible Environments

Improving physical accessibility would dramatically improve labour force participation and consumer spending...

Report —64 pages

Designing the Future of Diversity and Inclusion

Progressive leaders know we need new ways of thinking and working to deliver on D&I's potential.

Report —11 pages

Business: Supplier Diversity in Canada

Supplier diversity programs offer enterprises owned by women and minorities the opportunity to…

Report —34 pages

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Senior Researcher and Network Manager, Organizational Performance

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