Where insights meet impact

We are the foremost independent, applied research organization in Canada. We deliver unique insights into Canada’s toughest problems.

As a country, we face greater complexity and higher stakes than ever. The way we respond to challenges will define the Canada of tomorrow.

That’s where The Conference Board of Canada comes in. We master complexity through our trusted research and unparalleled connections—delivering unique insight into Canada's toughest problems so leaders can build a stronger future.

Our values

Our success comes through the hard work and dedication of our people. Our values speak to the commitment we share—as individuals, as teams, and as an organization—toward building a stronger Canada.

Our commitment to equity, diversity,
and inclusion

Our organization is most impactful at the intersection of all our differences.

At The Conference Board of Canada, we are committed to providing an inclusive and equitable workplace where we value diversity. We continuously strive to build a community where differences are welcomed and respected.

  • In our diverse workforce, everyone is unique. We recognize that our visible and invisible characteristics and identities, including gender, race, age, cultural origin, ability, sexual orientation, personalities, ideologies and more, shape who we are.
  • By acknowledging, respecting, and valuing all the ways we differ, the Board strives to create an inclusive work environment where everyone can be their authentic self and engage with their colleagues and their work with confidence, trust, and optimism. Making space for diversity and ensuring everyone is treated with dignity, compassion, and respect, helps us excel as an organization and as individuals.
  • At CBoC, equity means ensuring everyone is treated with fairness in all aspects of our organization’s programs, processes, and policies. We are dedicated to fostering an equitable work environment where our employees can be successful and reach their full potential.

These concepts are core to our values – collaboration, ownership, excellence, evidence, passion, and integrity. We know from research that a diverse workforce combined with an equitable and inclusive workplace leads to more effective problem-solving, greater creativity and innovation, and makes for a more enjoyable and compelling workplace for everyone. Celebrating and respecting our differences propels us forward as an organization, allowing us to achieve our mission – to solve the wicked problems Canada’s leaders face.

Where insights meet impact

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