Climate Change

Responding to Automation: Building a Cleaner Future

Could the clean economy offer brighter futures for workers at risk of automation? In a previous study, we identified 92 occupations at a high risk of automation with few desirable opportunities to transition into lower-risk ones. These high-risk, low-mobility (HRLM) occupations account for one in five employees in Canada. Is your industry vulnerable to automation?

Online experience | 8-min read
June 3, 2021
Focus Area— Innovation & Technology

Keep Moving: Sustainable Mobility After the Pandemic

Sustainable mobility is facing some very real challenges from COVID-19. Transit ridership has collapsed. Rising single-occupancy vehicle travel and suburban flight pose genuine threats to the progress many Canadian cities have made. Deep uncertainty remains about the persistence of these behaviours and their implications for urban mobility.

Issue briefing | 15-min read
June 2, 2021
Focus Area— Sustainability

There are over 100 remote communities in Canada with more than 50 permanent residents each. None are connected to our national power grid. Imagine a microgrid system that offsets diesel use for each one.

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Online experience  |  8-min read
April 26, 2021
Focus Area—Sustainability